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This is a great deal for anyone on a strict budget for their rental car. You pay for a mini car class and you get an economy class car, or you pay for a standard car and you get upgraded to a premium. It means that you have a more luxurious car rental experience for the same price! This offer is available in selected locations around the world, and our car rental suppliers update their offers once a week or once a month depending on the company, so you will need to check if this offer is available in your selected travel location. The easiest way to check if your car rental booking comes with a Free Upgrade, or has any other special offer, is to get a Car Booker quote. Where there is a special offer available, you will see a gift icon beside the car on the comparison page. Then you simply make your booking and enjoy your rental car with your EXTRA special offer!

If you don’t find an extra free deal for you booking, don’t worry, you get are still getting a great deal on your car rental with savings of up to 30% of your booking because you are using car rental comparison. And for even great savings, come join The Car Booker Club today and make savings of up to an extra 5% on all car rental bookings. Join Now! Get car rental deals and offers right here from Car Booker – The Car Rental Comparer.