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Free GPS or 50% off GPS car rental deals are available in selected locations with Car Booker. GPS is always great to have if you are driving somewhere new, or diving in large cities. It helps you find your way easier, it saves time and it is a safer way to drive because you can focus on your driving and not on worrying about where you are going. Free GPS is offered by car rental providers in selected location during the year. Offers are updated on a weekly or monthly basis and we track all the latest deals on the Car Booker Blog and through our Twitter account. Or for an easy way to see if there is FREE car rental GPS available for you booking, simply get a Car Booker rental quote now. You will see a yellow gift icons with a small GPS symbol on cars on the c comparison page where this offer is available. If there is not a FREE Car Rental GPS offer in your selected location, don’t worry, you are still getting a great car rental deal. By using Car Booker’s comparison tool you are saving money already.

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