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Traveling by train is usually cheaper than flying and more relaxing than driving. However, trains cannot get you to a precise location, and whilst there you may need a car to help with transporting yourself and others to nearby amenities. . A popular option is to hire a car, taking advantage of services offered at your destination train station or nearby with a complimentary shuttle. Keep reading to find out all that you should know about booking a car when you arrive at gstaad saanen railway saanen Station.

Compare Car Hire gstaad saanen railway saanen Station

Our first tip is to make sure you compare prices and offers currently available at gstaad saanen railway saanen Station beforehand, this can not only save you money but can also avoid disappointment or paying for a car which is not suitable. Our results tables can help to find not only up to date pricing, but also what models and offers are available - specific to the dates you’re after. We also include customer ratings so without having to leave our website you can find out how others have rated the supplier - which is in particular handy for smaller suppliers you may not have heard of before.

Cheap Car Hire in gstaad saanen railway saanen Station

When you want a cheaper hire, you can lower the price through careful considerations of what you need. Car hire companies at gstaad saanen railway saanen Station might be a little more expensive than a company off-site, so you can always find your way to an off-site option if need be. However, if you’re not able to get from the train station to an off-site car company, you can still minimize the amount you have to pay. Our first pro tip is to book in advance, this not only means less to figure out on the day but also avoids having to potentially take a vehicle which exceeds your needs - which often will come at a higher price point. Consider any extras the car company offers. Items like GPS or toll transponders can cost you more money. If you don’t need these because you have your own, or can use a substitute such as your phone, you shouldn’t take them. You’ll be spending money needlessly, and driving up the cost of your rental.

This higher cost is due to the companies relying on you needing their services. For instance, if you arrive at gstaad saanen railway saanen Station without a reserved car, and you desperately need one to finish your journey, you’ll likely not shop around or go off-site to find a cheaper deal. Instead, you’ll probably take what you can get, and what you’ll get is something expensive.

Buying your own insurance instead of relying on the car company is also a popular choice for wanting a cheaper rental. You can also check to see if your chosen company has any deals or vouchers for early bookings, which you can then use to your advantage.

Tips for Hiring a Car from gstaad saanen railway saanen Station

Hiring a car in gstaad saanen railway saanen Station is relatively straightforward, but here are a few tips you can use for a smoother experience.

First, know where you need to go. Though this might seem self-explanatory, gstaad saanen railway saanen Station can be a confusing place, especially with lots of people all going in different directions. Figure out where your car hire company is in the train station, so you know where to go when you arrive.

Although you probably won’t know where your platform will be when your train comes in, you can still use the information about your car hire company to locate it faster. If you don’t know where it is, and you don’t know the layout of the train station at all, you’ll have a harder time finding it than if you do some research ahead of time.

Second, know what documents you need. When you show up at the car hire company, you’ll need to have your documents ready for them to look at. This will get you your car faster and also make the process simpler for the car hire representative. If they don’t know who you are or what reservations you might have made, they’ll have a tougher time trying to help you. Remember to bring a government-issued photo ID, a reservation receipt or email, your proof of insurance, credit card, and anything else your car rental company requires.

Third, know what things to check. You’ll have to inspect the vehicle beforehand to make sure you return it in the same condition. Look for scrapes or scratches on the bumpers and paint, check the level of petrol, and the condition inside the vehicle. If you have your phone, consider recording a video showing the outside of the vehicle, making sure to capture any scuffs or broken parts.

You should also know what kind of fuel the car uses and if the company has a full to full policy (i.e. it’s delivered full, so should be returned full). Also check that you know when you can return the car, and what to do if you want to return it after the company’s hours.

Can you drop it off at another location? If you only need the car for a few days here and there, is it cheaper to rent over the entire period, or to rent several cars as you need them?

Fourth, know what insurance coverage you’ll need. Most car rental companies require you to have your own insurance. If you don’t, they will have you buy some from them, which is often much more expensive. Be sure you get appropriate insurance beforehand and carry proof of it with you so you won’t have to pay car hire company premiums.


What do I need to hire a car?

To hire a car in gstaad saanen railway saanen Station, you’ll need a current photo ID, a credit card, proof of insurance, and proof of reservation if you’ve got one.

However, be aware that some car companies require two photo IDs, as well as proof of accommodation and more details about your trip. For example, if you’re planning a day trip where you drive the rental car out to a specific area and back to your hotel, they may want to know so they will be aware of where you’re taking the car. Not all car companies require the same documents for renting cars, so we’ve included in our results tables the mandatory documents and information for each supplier - ensuring you know what’s required beforehand.

How much does it cost to hire a car?

The cost of hiring a car in gstaad saanen railway saanen Station will depend on which car you choose, how long you have it, and the time of year.

The price will also depend on which car company you use, and if you require any amenities like a toll transponder or GPS. Booking ahead of time can help lower the price, as can using any vouchers or deals.

How old do I need to be to hire a car?

The minimum age to hire a car can depend on the supplier and the vehicle, so it’s not possible to provide a single answer. We include minimum age requirements and additional breakdowns for each supplier in our deals tables, so pick your dates and hit “search” and under the Important Information popup will be the age policy for each supplier.