Car Rental Fuel Policy

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Car rental fuel policies can differ depending on the rental provider you chose. When you pick up your rental car you should receive a full tank of fuel. It is important before you drive away to check it is in fact full, if not make sure you bring this to the attention of your rental agent. Always check the car rental agreement to see what fuel policy applies to your rental, it differs from rental agent to another.

The most common car rental fuel policy is “Pick up Full, Return Full”. When you collect your rental car you will have a full tank which is included in the rate. You may be required a little fuel deposit reserved on your credit card. Before returning the rental car, fill the tank to full again at any local filling station. If you don`t you may be charged for refilling the tank to full at the rental agents rate and can also encore refilling charge.

“Pick up Full, Return Empty” means you pay for a full tank when you collect your rental car and are expected to return the rental car with an empty tank. Remember you will not be reimbursed for unused fuel if you have a short rental, so make the most of it and do some sightseeing if you have time.

Fuel policies are always detailed in both, your car rental voucher and the terms of service. Car Booker’s advice is that you always check you have selected the fuel policy that suits you and the nature of your trip.

If you have any questions, it is likely we have already an answer for you in our FAQ or simply send us a mail.