Miami Airport Car Rental

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Miami International Airport

Airport car rental is a serious business in Miami airport. There is an entire car rental centre decidated to serving customers called the Rental Car Centre (RCC). Here you will find sixteen car rental providers that operate on site at the airport, and there are also many more suppliers that operate car rental near Miami airport (off-site).

For car rental in Miami airport you need to go from the MIA station to Central Station, using the MIA Mover, which is located on level 3 between the Dolphin and Flamingo garages. Here you will find the Rental Car Centrefor Miami Airport, which is open 24 hours a day - however some operators operate business house close between 11pm and 5pm.

Cheap Car Rental in Miami Airport

If you’re keen to avoid overspending on your rental, checkout the tips below which should help you avoid overpaying unnecessarily.

Book in advance

Booking in advance, ideally at least 3 months before your trip but earlier if you think that time will be busy, should mean you have a larger list of cars available - which can save you money by avoiding spending on a car which is perhaps bigger (and therefore more expensive) than you require.

Check your insurance

Some insurance providers cover rental cars, or can add them for a lesser fee, so it’s worth reviewing your policy and where necessary calling your provider to see if you’re covered. One important here is to make sure that your provider has the same level of coverage as required by the rental company - if you use our booking system above we provide this information under the “Important Information” button for each supplier so you can be certain.

Ask about parking

Finding out whether where you’re staying has parking or whether there is affordable parking nearby is a pro tip; if not you could be paying out daily which when summed with the hire prices begins to mount.

Avoid unnecessary addons

As you go through the booking process you’ll be offered addons such as GPS hire and toll transponders - consider whether you will really need these items or if you could work around them. Can you for instance pick up a car phone holder before your trip and instead use your mobile’s maps app?

Tips for Renting a Car in Miami Airport

So your trip is fast approaching and you’re creating the mental list of things to remember or sort before the day; below are some of our recommendations and pro tips to ensure you have everything avoid any nasty surprises on the day.

What you will need on the day

On the day you will need to have to hand an original, valid, unexpired government issued driver’s licence which has a photograph of you. The licence must be valid for the entire duration of your stay.

You will also need a major credit or debit card in your name, which can cover typically 20% more than the cost of renting the vehicle. Some rental companies also have additional requirements for customers paying with a debit card so it’s worth reviewing their requirements before you travel if applicable.

Lastly, keeping a hard copy of your reservation and if necessary insurance documents is always sensible in case your electronic copies are unavailable. Typically the car rental firm can help you without your reservation but it’s easier and less stressful if you have a hard copy and it’s easily accessible.

What to do before accepting the car

It’s generally sensible to ask to review the car before accepting the keys, so you can highlight and ask to be noted any damage or scuffage already throughout. Ask the rep to document anything you find which you are unhappy about but also take pictures on your phone - you phone will date the pictures which means you can evidence that it was how you picked the car up.

What Car Rental Companies Are in Miami Airport

Due to the amount space available, and how many visitors opt for a rental when visiting, almost all the nationwide and a long list of local supplies can be found, including Ace, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Payless, Thriftyand Sixt and several others. As part of our quote system we provide not only offers from each of the suppliers, but also additional information about their policies, insurance cover requirements and availability.

What Cars Can you Rent in Miami Airport

You can choose one of over 300 vehicles, a rental car to suit your exact needs, whether you want an economy car, a family car, a luxury car or a convertible to cruise around Miami in with the top down, you will find something perfect for you.

Can I Get Free Additional Drivers at Miami Airport

Adding an additional driver can be a smart move, sharing driving responsibilities can help with tiredness and it can offer a sense of freedom for the added driver.

That being said, it can be expensive; typically rental firms charge a reduced, but significant, rate by the day and with taxes the cost can quickly add up.

We have conveniently added a filter to our results pages to allow customers to filter for offers which include free additional drivers.

To take advantage, simply pick the dates you want above and when the lists of cars are finished loading, use the filter menu to select “Free additional driver”.

The remaining results will include free additional driver offers; so you can continue with your purchase confident you will not be hit with an additional driver fee.

One small point here, our suppliers use offers and discounts to try to attract customers, which means there is sometimes some seasonality to when these offers are available. We have opted to remove the filter when none of the deals in our system have free additional driver offers, so please assume that there are no current offers if you do not see the option in our filters menu.

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